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Why Choose Us?

Why Should You Choose Surgery Center?

Just because you’re facing a surgical procedure doesn’t mean you have to go to a hospital.   For those in need of an outpatient procedure, there’s another choice. Surgery Center Cedar Rapids provides an alternative to inpatient hospital care with a variety of advantages.

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Number of Specialties Represented

1 Number is based on patients satisfaction surveys between 01/01/18 to 10/31/18.
2 Number of procedures performed – 10/1/2003 through 12/31/18.
3 Number is based on procedures from 01/01/18 to 11/30/18.

  • Experience

    Since we opened our doors in 2003, our doctors have performed over 135,000 procedures in our facility.

  • Lower Cost

    Our patient co-pays and out-of-pocket costs are often 30-40% less than hospital-based procedures because surgery centers are often more economical for Medicare and other insurers.

  • Expertise

    Over 150 local doctors from 13 surgical specialties have operating privileges at Surgery Center, which means our patients receive expert care during their procedures.

  • Efficiency

    Limit your time in the waiting room and don’t get bumped by emergency procedures. Our turn-around time between surgeries is typically three times faster than hospitals thanks to our seven surgical suites and hundreds of skilled staff.

  • Comfort

    Patients and families can relax in one of our 38 patient care rooms, far from the stressful hospital environment.