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Different Types of Blood Characteristics

Did you know that only about 3% of age-eligible people donate blood yearly? This makes it a struggle to always meet demand.

Learn more about different blood components and consider donating blood to help meet patient needs!

Important Blood Characteristics:

  • There are four major blood groups – A, B, AB and O
  • Blood types are genetically passed down from your parents
  • Having Type O blood makes you a universal donor, however you can only receive Type O blood. Having Type AB means you’re a universal recipient, but can only donate your to others with Type AB blood
  • Around 45% of people in the U.S. have Group O (positive or negative) blood. Type O negative red cells are able to be given to patients of all blood types. However, only 7% of people in the U.S. are O-negative.
  • Type AB plasma can be transfused to all blood types, but only 4% of those in the U.S. have this type.
  • Red blood cells must be used within 42 days. Platelets must be used within 5 days.

Start prepping to be eligible to donate today, and sign up for our next scheduled blood drive in July!


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