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The area’s only outpatient disc herniation spinal surgery facility

Spinal Surgery

Surgical intervention to correct a herniated disc used to require a large incision, which would often involve a long hospital stay and a prolonged recovery period. Outpatient lumbar microdiscectomies are now available at Surgery Center Cedar Rapids. Utilizing a microscopic surgical approach with a small, minimally-invasive incision, surgeons at our facility can remove your disc herniation and get you back to doing the things you love faster.

Surgery Center Cedar Rapids is the first and only ambulatory surgery center in the area to offer an option for outpatient spinal surgery. “The utilization of an ambulatory surgery center allows patients a more comfortable and satisfying overall experience, reduced overall cost for the patient and healthcare system as a whole, and often reduced incidence of perioperative infection.” – Dr. Joshua Barber, MD, PCI 

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