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Less Out of Pocket

Billing & Insurance

Surgery Center Cedar Rapids offers an affordable alternative for outpatient procedures.  We are the only stand-alone ambulatory surgery center in Linn County, so our costs are much lower than at a hospital or hospital-based facility. Our patient co-pays and out-of-pocket costs are often 30-40% less. A big reason for these lower costs is that surgery centers like ours are much more economical for Medicare and nearly every other insurance plan.


To plan your procedure at our convenient location, ask your doctor. If you do not have a referring physician, contact Surgery Center Cedar Rapids or consult our online surgeon listing to view a list of physicians with Surgery Center Cedar Rapids privileges.

Surgery Center Cedar Rapids is an authorized provider for most insurance carriers and is Medicare- and Medicaid- certified. Please check with Surgery Center Cedar Rapids directly or call your insurance carrier if you have questions about your coverage.

The following insurance carriers are contracted with Surgery Center Cedar Rapids:

If your insurance carrier is not on this list, please contact us to determine your coverage.

Procedure20% Coinsurance at HospitalAmbulatory Surgery Center Co-Insurance
Colonoscopy and Biopsy$192.85$94.94
Remove Cataract, Insert Lens$388.29$189.48
Create Eardrum Opening (Ear Tubes)$259.13$100.40
Remove Tonsils (under age 12)$931.52$197.40
Carpel Tunnel Surgery$330.19$149.08
Knee Scope$525.71$240.66
Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery$525.71$240.66
Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery with Rotator Cuff Repair$1,148.80$524.51
Shockwave Lithotripsy (Kidney Stone Treatment)$579.69$257.63
Cystoscopy with Stent Insertion$579.69$257.63
Cystoscopy with Stent Removal$340.22$147.75