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National Sleep Awareness Week

Sleep is Essential to a Healthy Life

Sleep plays a pivotal role in helping your body and brain function properly. Getting insufficient sleep can hurt your overall health and has even been linked to a higher risk of conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

National Sleep Awareness Week is March 13-19, 2022. The National Sleep Foundation takes a week each year to remind people how important sleep is to living a healthy life. This year’s campaign is about helping you become your Best Slept Self.

Sleep Apnea Solutions

For those suffering from sleep apnea, there is an innovative treatment option to help you overcome this condition and get restful sleep. Surgery Center Cedar Rapids is the only ASC in Linn County to provide the Inspire Sleep Apnea Innovation to our patients. We are proud to partner with physicians like Dr. Thomas Heineman to offer this procedure. Congratulations to Dr. Heineman, who recently received the Physician Excellence Award for his work with Inspire. 

Solve your sleep apnea problems with help from Surgery Center Cedar Rapids.


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