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State-of-the-Art Technology Available for Cataract Surgeries

Surgery Center Cedar Rapids now has state-of-the-art technology available to help make intraocular surgeries easier and more efficient, ensuring the highest level of continued training for our surgical teams.

The nGenuity 3D surgical imaging system allows our surgeons to visualize the eye surgery in a 3-dimensional space without having to look into a high-powered microscope. This increases the ergonomic benefit to our surgeons allowing them to be more comfortable and focused on your surgery. This also allows our surgical staff to, for the first time ever, be able to see these surgeries as we do in real time and better anticipate the needs of our surgeons. This translates to improved patient care as well as the efficiency and accuracy of our surgeries. Allowing our staff to see the surgeries in a real-time 3D space allows the staff to anticipate the surgeon’s needs faster resulting in better outcomes for patients and shorter case times. Indirectly, in surgery where we are operating through clear tissues, we’ve seen this resulting in faster recovery and improved vision for our patients. The ability to react immediately to our surgeries allows us to have a more proficient process.

Cataract surgery is microsurgery, so any time you can make things bigger for the surgeon to see, it makes it easier and more accurate. Some of the structures that cataract surgeons are working in are millions of a millimeter in size – they’re measured in microns. Utilizing the nGenuity 3D imaging system, our screen size is 7 ft wide, which allows the surgeon to target certain structures in the eye, which are incredibly small. Seeing them in a real-time, 3D space and magnified to an extent that can only be done with this system results in better outcomes for the patients. This technology clearly gives us an advantage in delivering the best possible outcomes for microsurgery.

“Our patient's choice of surgeon should depend upon the experience of the surgeon and knowing that your surgeon is utilizing the latest and newest technology available to get you the best outcome. That combined with a compassionate nature approach really results in the best patient care.”

Performing more cataract surgeries than any other facility in the Cedar Rapids area, Surgery Center Cedar Rapids is proud to offer you the most advanced forms of cataract and upper eyelid surgery with expertly trained and highly experienced team members who are compassionate and caring.

For the most advanced eye care in the region, contact Surgery Center Cedar Rapids. 


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